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Packing Techniques to Stay Organized

Organization is the difference between constant headache and relief during a move. As professional movers who provide Jacksonville packing services, we know a thing or two about staying organized when it comes to packing. Here are some suggestions to help keep you organized throughout the packing process.

Pack Ahead of Time

Don’t wait to pack. Last minute packing goes in the complete opposite direction of organization. As you progress through the packing process, you can take your time, properly label boxes, and take a good inventory so you know exactly where everything is.


As you pack, you will notice belongings that you do not necessarily need or want anymore. If you have old shirts and jeans that are still in good condition, there is always someone who could use a shirt on their back.

The Convenience of Luggage

Yes, you will need boxes for packing, but your luggage can help you save some money. Not to mention, stay organized. Use your luggage to store away specific items or clothes so you know exactly where they are.

Professional Jacksonville Packing Services

When in doubt, call the professionals. We have the packing products and services to keep the most difficult of moves organized on a level that is unmatched. You will have peace of mind and a stock full of organized possessions at your disposal ready for moving day.

If you have any questions regarding packing, packing services or packing products, or if you are looking for more moving tips or a Jacksonville Mover, visit our blog or call us at 904-642-6900.


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