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Don’t Pack Bulk – Leave Large Appliances Behind When Moving

Your moving to Jacksonville, but you’re not sure what to do with those large appliances that you love so much. Do you bring them with you or leave them behind? With the help of our packing services, moving those large appliances can be a breeze. Although, if you’re thinking you want to leave them behind, here are some reason why we think you may not be making the wrong decision.

The larger the item the larger the care. It’s so easy to pick up your kitchen utensils and throw them in a box, but you’ll need more than a few fingers to get that refrigerator to budge. Additional care is necessary for those larger appliances and can save you from throwing out your back if you decide they don’t need to come along in the move.

On the fence about shipping them separately then everything else on moving day? Not your best idea. Large appliances like that can cost a fortune to ship and that’s not even including packing services for that washer and dryer.

Chances are if you are trying to decide whether to take those larger appliances, the move is because you are selling your house. Well if the sale hasn’t finalized on the old place yet, leaving those larger appliances behind can drive up the price of the house. So, why not cash in and buy some fresh appliances to top off a fresh start when you move in.

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