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Kid friendly day trips in Jacksonville are where memories are made. You have to admit that some of your most vivid childhood memories are from summer day trips, so why not treat your kids to the same this year? If you’ve just moved to Florida and you aren’t sure where the best kid friendly day […]

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It’s summertime in Jacksonville and that means it’s time for summer fun! Take some time out from your busy schedule and let those Jacksonville movers finish the job for you. The Mike Bend Show Join Mike Bend, Atlanta’s up and coming sketch show artist for a few laughs at the Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum […]

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Jacksonville is a city full of history and one of the oldest cities in Florida. It’s no wonder then that there are so many beautiful Jacksonville neighborhoods that attract so many new residents. Your local Jacksonville moving company has experience in all of these areas, and we can safely say that if you are looking […]

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This Florida city is creating Jacksonville health programs that work well with the current health conscious climate in the U.S. The North Florida Bicycle Club celebrated National Bike to Work Day in late May when the weather was perfect for cycling. The NFBC hope that more people will attempt to ride their bikes throughout the […]

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