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Tips to Make Last Minute Packing Easier

Last minute packing? Are you crazy? Don’t worry your friends at All My Sons got you covered with these suggestions to save you from total catastrophe.

Organization is Key

Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and draw up a plan to pack efficiently but in an organized manner. Organization will become your best friend through this short period, and help you to pull off this last-minute move.

Call Everyone Who Owes You a Favor

Unfortunately, since you waited until the last moment, your going to have to use the old favor card on helping you with this move. The more friends and family members the better. Stress to them how important every aspect of the move is and that you are on a timely schedule. If their your real friends, they’ll help bail you out of this sticky situation.

Go to the Store

You can’t get this last-minute packing done without any packing supplies. Head to local grocery stores and businesses for boxes, or take a ride to the nearest office supplies store. Regardless of how nice your China is, your friends are going to be throwing around your dishes like a frisbee if they don’t have any boxes to put them in.

If all else fails and you’re going to completely lose your mind over this, call us about our premium Jacksonville Florida Moving services. We can handle all aspects of last minute packing and moving.

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