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The 3 Most Common Packing Products

Aside from boxes, there are three important, yet highly overlooked packing products that are necessary for a move to Jacksonville. As professional Jacksonville movers, we would never be able to reach the outstanding customer satisfaction we achieve without these three necessary products for a successful move.

Packing Tape

Yes, tape. And it does matter that you buy actual packing tape. We know what you’re thinking, it’s just tape it can’t be that important. Think again. Packing tape is designed to be more sturdy, durable, and has more stick than traditional tape. It is your safety net for packing anything, don’t move without it.


It’s not enough to just write the contents of the box right on it. The extra cost of color labels will make your life so much easier. Don’t tread away from labels, they are your best friend when you realize you packed something that you didn’t predict needing so soon. Save time, avoid headaches, and buy some labels – you’ll be glad you did.


This simplest of things. A notebook is the best way to keep an inventory of everything you packed. We challenge you to find Jacksonville movers that do not use one or a form of a notebook to keep track of progress during the move and most importantly, your inventory/everything you have packed during the moving process.

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