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Five Myths about Jacksonville Movers

Many consumers have been the brunt of a bad moving experience. As a result, individuals place all movers in one class. There are bad movers in Jacksonville, but there are also excellent movers who provide great care to its clients.

  • Jacksonville moving companies are too expensive. There are reputable movers that provide fair and honest pricing for moving in the area.
  • Movers aren’t background-checked. First-rate moving companies background-check their movers prior to hiring them.
  • Jacksonville movers aren’t full time. A professional moving and storage firm hires full-time movers and not day laborers.
  • Your items are bound to be damaged when hiring movers. If you hire an experienced moving company your items should be safe. Accidents do happen, but your valuables are safer with a skilled mover.
  • Moving companies don’t have a claims process. Professional movers have a claims process for satisfying discrepancies with moves. The claims department will receive your complaint, investigate and provide a solution that works best for their client.
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