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Know the hidden cost associated with your Jacksonville move

A frequent complaint made by consumers is that Jacksonville moving companies have hidden costs. Today I’d like to go over a few of those with you. When securing a moving quote, ask about moving minimums. Minimums sometimes accompany smaller moves. This requires you to pay the minimum hours used even if the move is completed in less time. Another hidden cost for moving is the fuel charge. Ask your mover if you have to pay for fuel.

Tax is another fee that moves are assessed, but most often it’s not mentioned at the time of booking your move. The only way to get around this is to ask for your cost to be given in written form. This is why many people prefer an in-home estimate. With an in-home estimate your moving quote is in writing and represents the most amount you will pay for your Jacksonville move. There is a possibility you will pay less, but it will not exceed the amount agreed upon on the estimate.

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