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Moving with Kids in Jacksonville?

Are you a family with small children and moving in Jacksonville soon? Raising small children is already a challenge, having to move your home on top of that can be stressful. I’d like to recommend a fun way to move for the entire family.

First option: If the kids are willing, get them involved! With careful guidance and monitoring, you can have your children help pack the boxes in their rooms. Get them to pack their stuffed animals, clothes, and soft goods like bedding. If you’re comfortable, give them a crayon or colored pencil (even washable marker if they’re careful) and have them mark up the boxes with their name or color on the boxes belonging to them. Turn it into a project and have them draw on the outside of the box what is on the inside of the box. Of course, leave the lamps and other fragile items for the adults to pack. While doing this, you can even have them gently help tape up the bubble wrap for the lamp. Kids love the responsibility of helping and doing “grown-up” work. When they are involved in seeing where all their toys and belongings are going, even they are relieved of stress. And when their brightly colored, custom designed boxes come off the truck, they will know exactly which ones are theirs.

Second option: If the children are too young to be involved with the move, don’t be afraid to ask your family or friends for help! If they’re all of five months old, a visit to grandma can help you and the baby. The baby can have a nap, wonderful dreams of their new home, and get some grandmotherly love. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your baby is quietly resting while you are supervising your move. Once you’re set, you have a well rested baby in your new home with everything set in place.

Even if your child is old enough to participate in the move but is just not interested, there are no worries! Just having some of their favorite activities available for them to do come move day helps keep them occupied. A book, a coloring book, or a handheld game may be the best option for your little one. Sometimes that can be the best stress relief and way to cope with a new situation for your child – you know them best, and whichever way helps you help them is the way to go. Achieve a stress-free Jacksonville move and fun for your kids!

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