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How to Prepare for Getting a Jacksonville Mortgage

Buying a new home is very exciting. Getting a loan to purchase a house is necessary for many home buyers. There are some things you can do in advance of the mortgage application process in order to help it proceed more efficiently and smoothly.

Get Your Credit in Order

Any mortgage company takes the credit of mortgage applicants seriously because it wants to be sure you can afford to pay back the loan. Your credit score is an essential part of the application process. It is advisable to know your credit score, and have the opportunity to improve it if necessary, before you find the house of your dreams and are trying to quickly secure a loan. Many credit agencies provide one free credit report a year. There can sometimes be mistakes on a credit report that erroneously bring the score down. You don’t want be surprised by a low score and unable to qualify for mortgage due to errors that can be fixed.

Document Your Finances

There is a lot of documentation involved in applying for mortgage. Having all the necessary paperwork together can make the process easier. Some of the things you need to have include tax returns, pay stubs, investments account information and bank statements. Ideally you get pre-approved so you know in advance you have all the documentation you need.

After you find the perfect house and secure a mortgage, Jacksonville movers can take care of the rest.

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