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How to Choose a Good Realtor in Jacksonville

Whether you are selling or buying a home, or both at the same time, a good realtor can be integral to the process. Not all realtors are created equal and taking the time to select the right one can make all the difference.

Study Their Current Listings

The listings a realtor has can be a good indication or whether or not they are a good fit. If he/she has never sold or helped clients buy houses in your desired area, they may not be the best choice. Another criterion is the sale or purchase price of their listings; you may be interested in homes in a price range that is well above the average transaction. The quantity of listings a realtor carries can also be very telling; if they don’t have many, real estate may not be their full time job.

Ask for References

A lot of helpful information about a realtor can be gleaned from talking to previous clients. When hiring one to sell a house, inquire about list prices and actual sales prices as well as how long homes are on the market. Asking how detail oriented a realtor is can also be important. There are many deadlines and milestones in real estate transactions and you need a realtor that pays attention to the details.

These two tips can help you select the right realtor. Once you have purchased the perfect house, Jacksonville movers can pack you up and move you in.

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