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Maintaining Your Outdoor Fountain

Having an outdoor fountain creates an amazing fairy-tale like atmosphere in any home. However, if not properly maintained, an outdoor fountain can turn into a dreadful swamp right in the middle of your front lawn. In order to help make your new happy always look new and inviting, All My Sons’ local Jacksonville movers share tips for maintaining your outdoor fountain.

Keep the Water Level in Your Outdoor Fountain High

Make sure that you always keep the water level in your outdoor fountain high, especially in the summertime. This will help keep the concrete cool enough so that it doesn’t crack as easily from overheating.

Make sure to Drain your Fountain in Harsh Weather

During the winter, make sure that you drain and cover your fountain to protect it from harsh weather. A simple tarp can prevent a lot of damages from your fountain. Also, make sure that it is properly draining, as frozen water can ultimately cause the concrete to crack.

Clean your Fountain Regularly

Make sure that you clean your outdoor fountain regularly. Whenever you see leaves and debris, simply make the effort to clean them up. This will help you prevent any pump clogging that might occur.

Protect your Fountain from Hard Water

Depending on where you live, part of maintaining your outdoor fountain will include making sure that it is protected from hard water deposits. To do so, if you notice any algae developed, make sure to drain the fountain and scrub it with a brush. Then rinse the fountain thoroughly. If this doesn’t help, use professional algae reducer solutions.

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