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Free Activities in Jacksonville this Summer

After moving to Jacksonville, Florida, there is no question that you are going to love the summer weather, since it is year-round. In order to take a break from unpacking moving boxes, get out of the house and take your family or friends to one of these free activities in Jacksonville this summer.
Read in a Hammock

Okay, you’ll need a hammock for this one. If you don’t have one, simply grab a sturdier blanket, tie it around two trees and enjoy the great outdoors for a bit. Make sure to read a book for that extra entertainment factor.

Visit the Museum during a free Museum Day

Perhaps the best, free activity to do in Jacksonville this summer is visit one of the many museums. A lot of museums in Jacksonville open their doors for free during the summer, typically on particular days of the week. Take advantage of that and indulge in a free museum day if possible.

Play Sports with Friends

After moving to Jacksonville, playing sports outside is going to be a regular hobby. Sports are completely free, so get outside, grab your friends or family, hit the beach and play some volleyball or beach football. Or, take the game to a local park!
Camp in Your backyard 

This might seem extremely silly, but it’s more fun than you think. Pack some camping supplies, as if you would on a real camping trip, pitch a tent, and camp in your backyard.

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