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Cheap Versus Inexpensive Movers

As consumers, we concern ourselves with many of the same variables when it comes to hiring service providers of any sort. The most obvious and most widely applicable concern has to do with saving money. At the end of the day, the amount of money one has spent is a strong factor for how pleased he or she is with the service provided. I would like to point out a common misconception which will hopefully strengthen your shopping-around effectiveness.

Cheap – adjective \’cheep’\
1: of little account; of small value, shoddy

Many consumers seem to think that if a service or product is “cheap”, it is naturally “inexpensive” as well. However; it is this type of inaccurate thinking which contributes to nightmare experiences caused by the “cheap” service providers in various industries. I have made many an impulse purchase based solely on price. I have purchased: cheap shoes which have caused me blisters, and which quickly fell apart; a set of cheap car tires with a lifetime just as low as their price; cheap dishwasher detergent which left residue behind on glasses and plates… The list goes on, and needless to say I have long since learned my lesson regarding product quality as it relates to price. Smart consumers know that cheap products require frequent replacement, which is hardly an inexpensive practice in the long run. Furthermore, you wouldn’t seek “destructive”, “careless”, or “unprofessional” service when hiring say: a local moving company, would you? NO! This is exactly what you are getting though when you hire cheap moving companies. You get what you pay for. A reputable Jacksonville mover won’t have the cheapest hourly rate. Professional Jacksonville movers will save you the most money when you look at the big picture though. Quality moving companies in Jacksonville will not require you to replace broken furniture, nor will pro movers prolong a job just to charge you more. Don’t be misled by self-claimed cheap moving companies, or any cheap service providers. Cheap does not equal inexpensive when all is said and done. The word cheap is simply bait. So don’t get hooked! Always base your purchasing decisions on quality!

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