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Tips to Deal with Bad Credit Before Moving

Renting with bad or no credit can be very difficult. Often renters with bad credit are forced to live in areas or houses that they did not want to, simply because bad credit scores hold them back. Finding a place to rent with bad credit is difficult, so why not fix your credit before the St. Augustine moving company arrives?

Fix Your Credit Before Moving

The most obvious solution would be to fix the situation so you do not have to rent with bad credit. There are no short cuts if you decide to take this approach. Nerd Wallet has written a great article about how landlords check credit, and Credit Karma has information to help you survive an apartment rental check.

For this method to work, you need to start fixing your credit at least eight months before your next credit check. To be safe, start fixing your credit about a year before you call the St. Augustine moving company.

Sub Lease from Another Renter

You can still rent with bad credit, if you are willing to sublease, or move in with roommates in St. Augustine. The person who is on the lease has already passed the credit check. We do recommend being honest with your roommate. If you are trying to fix your situation, then best not to create any lies.

Rent a Privately Owned Home

You could still rent with bad credit by going directly to the source: the landlord. If you rent an apartment or home in St. Augustine that is privately owned, you may be able to strike a deal with the landlord to bypass the credit check. Maybe a bigger deposit or even a direct deposit agreement will help.

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a St. Augustine moving company that wants to let you know that it does not hurt to speak to your bank directly. However, we will recommend that you do not hire a credit repair company. Do not take short cuts while trying to fix your credit.

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