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NASA’s Endeavour Moves Quickly Into Space

Today was a very special day in Florida, especially for NASA enthusiasts! The shuttle, Endeavour, was sent into orbit for its final trip into space today. Thousands of eager spectators crowded the Cape Canaveral launch site to see the shuttle and its crew off into orbit. Among the crew members is Mark Kelly, husband of Gabrielle Giffords who was in the news earlier this year after surviving a gunshot wound to the head. Remarkably, Giffords was at the shuttle launch to see her husband off into space! The space shuttle launch was a huge success, it is reported that only a couple small pieces of insulation foam came off of the ship as it took off. Your Jacksonville movers weren’t the only ones who were rather excited about the launch, as was evident by the thousands of on-lookers viewing the launch from close and from afar!

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