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Moving This Summer?

Here’s an idea that may sound a little wacky, but it is more advantageous than you may think! The summer is approaching and will be here before we know it, and many people will be moving in Jacksonville during the upcoming months. Packing boxes and moving furniture isn’t exactly the best method for beating the heat, but if you are moving this summer there is a tip your Jacksonville mover has which may sound silly, but it will prove a good tip if your move is particularly taxing on you. Freeze your clothes. You may have never even thought to place clothing in your freezer, but it is a brilliant idea for anyone who is doing a move in the summer heat! You can prevent clothing from coming into contact with food in the freezer by placing them in a plastic bag first, and you’ll have a nice sub-zero outfit which will keep you nice and cool for a good bit of time.

You may even want to freeze a couple changes of clothes so you can stay nice and frosty through much of your move! Furthermore; not only does a frozen pair of clothes feel great during a sweltering summer day spent moving furniture, the prolonged exposure to the freezing temperatures also kills germs and bacteria! A much more useful tip would be to hire movers as soon as possible for your summer move; you’re not the only person planning to relocate during the summer! Summer is the busiest time for your Jacksonville movers!

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