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Florida Prepaid College Plan Continues High Sales

This past week, Jacksonville movers found out that the highest number of prepaid college plans sold this year, was already three times higher than that of 2014, and the highest ever since 2008; a number totaling roughly 50,000. According to the UNF student aid department, so many of the plans were sold because prices have dropped so much. This bodes well for student’s college costs – which include not just tuition, but also housing and books.

Many students admit that if their parents had not invested in a Florida prepaid college plan for them, they would not have been able to attend school.

According to student Anissa Agne, “it’s a building block – you start with that, go for Bright Futures, apply for other scholarships, private foundation institutional and all of that together can build up a package that can help fund basically the students entire education.”

The increased number of plans being purchased can be attributed to the extremely low price of the plans – currently only $43 a month.

Agne further attested that, “I think Florida wins in the end. We will have a more educated workforce at the end of the day because more children will know they can go to college. I think if you have a Florida prepaid plan at home, the idea is you’ll go to college.”

A new state law enacted with the purpose of controlling future school fee increases, also could be influencing the higher than normal amount of plans being purchased.

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