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Congratulations on your new place! Time to unpack the boxes, freshen up the paint, and switch out the ugly chandelier that seemingly hung there for decades. Jacksonville movers know this city can get humid, and that’s the perfect breeding ground for your new home and your health’s worst enemy: mold!

As you are showering and singing your favorite tune, you happen to glance up and see a peculiar black spot in the corner of the ceiling: could this be mold or just a stain? If it is mold, is it active or dormant? How quickly should you have someone look at it? Do you know how to deal with mold?

The professional Jacksonville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share the most common types of mold:  

Black Mold: This is the most hazardous to your health. If the mold works its way into your blood stream, it can cause neurological disorders, vision impairments and even death. Brain fog is a common symptom of black mold exposure. Common to form behind dryers, this is something you want to look out for.

Green Mold: Commonly seen on spoiled bread, this mold can also grow in dark, humid spaces. Quick to cause bronchitis and pneumonia, this mold needs to be removed rapidly.

White Mold: This is commonly seen on plywood in the attic and although it’s easily removed and not dangerous to most, if you have a mold allergy, you can suffer a serious allergy attack.


Many people love to do things themselves, but when it comes to mold, buyer beware! Leave this job to certified professionals who know how to deal with mold. Ask your Jacksonville movers who they recommend in terms of local mold removal companies.

November 11th is Veterans Day; a day to honor and appreciate the men and women in the armed forces who serve the United States of America. Veterans are typically praised with gifts and celebrations countrywide, and All My Sons Jacksonville moving company guarantees that the city of Jacksonville will be showing their patriotism and respect, as one of the top naval stations and armed force houses in the State of Florida.

Show your support at these 2016 Veterans Day events in Jacksonville:

9 AM: Beaches Veterans Memorial Park will be hosting Navy Captain John R. Schmidt, commanding officer of the USS Philippine Sea. The event will include an honorary celebration of veterans with a variety of military organizations in attendance.

11 AM: The city of Jacksonville will be hosting a 2016 Veterans Day Parade. This patriotic event will be honoring our American heroes’ service and dedication, with over 4,000 participants including senior military officials, active duty military, retired military, grand marshals, Veterans groups, marching bands, floats, balloons and JROTC. The parade will begin at EverBank Field and it will end at Prime Osborn Convention Center. Our Jacksonville moving company encourages visitors to show their patriotic pride by wearing the American colors in support.

After the parade, the Veterans Day events in Jacksonville and head to one of these restaurants with your military ID for a free or discounted meal:

Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Mission BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings, California Pizza Kitchen, Hooters,

Krispy Kreme, and Logan’s Roadhouse.

Our Jacksonville moving company says these businesses are also offering discounts to veterans:

Publix, Topgold, World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum, JCPenney, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Since 2003, the Jacksonville Chinese Association has been hosting weekly Chinese lessons for Jacksonville’s youth at the University of North Florida. This program for younger children started out with a few families who wanted to keep the Chinese language alive within their communities. However, All My Sons movers say the Jacksonville Chinese Language program has been gaining popularity in recent years amongst various cultures, as more people are recognizing the benefits of learning the Chinese language.

The program places students in one of ten levels, depending on their age and language abilities. As the semester continues, they transition to higher language levels, focusing on greetings, common questions, introductions, and the basics of getting around a city. The children are encouraged the speak the language as often as possible, even during play-time. The goal of the program is to encourage easy conversation amongst students that will give them a sense of accomplishment. Teachers work closely with students, evaluate their language abilities, and modify their work levels appropriately.

Since parents in Jacksonville have recognized the value of interacting with others from different backgrounds and cultures, Jacksonville movers say a more diverse population of children have taken to the Chinese program. The program has become very popular with young students who are eager to learn a new language. Right now, the program contains 85 students, but at one point the Jacksonville Chinese Association had 120 students practicing.

The Jacksonville Chinese Professional Club was founded in 1996. This association strives to build community through language, strengthen Chinese and American cultural exchange, and promote understanding and friendship. All My Sons Jacksonville movers commend local students on their academic efforts and hopes to see the Chinese language program continue to flourish as more families move into the area.

Local Jacksonville movers know that the cost of planning a family outing with kids can quickly add up. Fortunately, Jacksonville is hosting Kids Free November all month long. Kids Free November in Jacksonville offers free admission to kids under 12 years old, into some of the city’s top attractions. The offer begins on November 1st and runs until November 30th. Whether you are just stopping in the city for a day, or local Jacksonville movers have helped you settle into your new Jacksonville home, Kids Free November gives Jacksonville families the opportunity to spend quality time together as kids learn, explore, and celebrate!

Here is a list of the participating locations for Kids Free November in Jacksonville 

(Deals offered with purchase of adult ticket)

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens – up to 5 children free

Peterbrook Chocolatier San Marco – 1 free gelato

Marineland Dolphin Adventure – up to 5 children free

Jasonville Symphony – child 7-17 free

Ritz Theatre and Museum – up to 5 children free

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens – up to 5 children free

Adventure Kayak Florida – free 1 hr. kayak ages 7-17

Kayak Amelia – free ticket for children ages 7-17

Sweet Pete’s – free cotton candy and up to 5 children free

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary – up to 5 children free

Museum of Science & History – up to 5 children free

Kingsley Plantation – free admission

Adventure Landing – free miniature golf for a child

Amelia River Cruises – one child admission free

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville – up to 5 children free

Beaches Museum and History Park – free admission

Moving to Jacksonville can be exciting and scary, all at the same time. Jacksonville has a lot to offer, and many people may not realize all of the beauty that you can find throughout one of America’s largest cities. Read up on these fun facts about your new city to help get you excited to explore all that Jacksonville has to offer!

Relaxing beaches. While you may know that Jacksonville is home to some of the largest beaches in Florida, you may not realize they are some of the most relaxing beaches you can find in the United States! Undeveloped and serene, you are sure to find your inner peace at a Jacksonville beach.

The Jaguars pool parties. Whether you are or are not a football fan, attending the pool party at Everbank Field is sure to deliver a good time. That’s right! There is a pool overlooking the football field in the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Affordable social scene. Moving to Jacksonville will provide you with some of the best restaurants and bars to retreat to. For being one of America’s biggest cities, Jacksonville offers some of the most affordable places to kick back and relax.

Big in the arts. An interesting fun fact about Jacksonville is that it is big in the arts! Jacksonville offers many museums and art galleries to satisfy anyone’s cultural bug. Take a stroll down Main Street Park and enjoy the sculpture walk!

Blues roots. If you are not a fan of the blues, moving to Jacksonville may just change that! This city is where the Blues were created. Many musical venues in Jacksonville continue to embrace this historical fact about the city. Jacksonville is also home to America’s second largest jazz festival, the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, that takes place every year since 1982!

Looking for something fun and exciting to do in Jacksonville to get into the Halloween spirit? Jacksonville movers suggest that submerging yourself in new social settings is the key is start feeling comfortable in your new area. If you have just moved to Jacksonville in October, it is the perfect time to get involved in some holiday fun! Whether you are big into Halloween or not, Jacksonville movers have just the thing to get you into spirit this Halloween in Jacksonville!

On October 26, the Blackfinn Ameripub will be hosting Hallowine. This Hallowine event is a wine pairing event that will be pairing six different wines with your favorite Halloween candies! Aside from the wine and candy, you can indulge in Blackfinn’s amazing selection of craft beers and signature cocktails. This restaurant’s menu will not disappoint, while it is guaranteed to keep your stomach full, as well as your drink glasses!

Many local shopping vendors will be present for you to peruse while you enjoy your drinks at Hallowine. Live music from local bands will be keeping the event spirited, adding a great musical ambiance. Mingle around the event and take a good look at the pumpkins on display at the pumpkin carving contest. If you are feeling creative this Halloween in Jacksonville, you can even enter the contest for a chance to win a prize in a basket valued at over $300! Take the advice from your Jacksonville movers and get into spirit this Halloween in Jacksonville with Hallowine!

The Women’s Center of Jacksonville offers some of the best services and guidance for women struggling with different issues. Servicing over of 10,000 individuals a year, this association declares its dedication to improving the lives of women in every aspect. Founded over 20 years ago, The Women’s Center of Jacksonville thrives off of passion. Jacksonville movers suggest that there is no better time to get involved than during October, breast cancer awareness month.

Bosom Buddies is one of the newest programs offered at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. This program is dedicated to helping women whose lives have been effected by breast cancer. This program offers free, weekly support groups for anyone who has been effected by the disease. Women just diagnosed, in treatment, survivors, and family members are all welcome to join. Regular education programs are offered to help service the community and encourage others to get involved.

The art exhibit committee is designated to promote breast cancer awareness through the passion of art. With help from the community, many individuals may be made aware in a light-hearted and supportive way. These committees and many more at the Women’s Center are always open in accepting volunteers and supporters to help keep running strong!

A rape recovery committee is another strong part of the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, as is the GIRLS Circle. Standing for “Gaining Independence Respect and Learning Self Awareness, this program helps girls and young women view themselves with positivity respect. The GIRLS Circle uses optimistic messages to uplift young women.

Jacksonville movers suggest not to wait to get involved in this great association. Breast cancer awareness month is the perfect time to help others and understand the importance of being knowledgeable in regards to health and other diseases like breast cancer.

Moving to Jacksonville will come with some of the best outdoor activities and scenery around. This beautiful city has 22 miles of beaches, 40 miles of intercoastal waterways, and 1,100 miles of water to navigate. These factors make this city perfect for kayaking! With enough water trails to keep you busy, we have complied some of the best ways to take advantage of kayaking in Jacksonville.

If you desire a guided kayak tour, Jacksonville offers them! Among many kayaking and water sports companies, two stick out to be the most popular fan-favorites:

Kayak AmeliaAmelia Island is home to some of the best kayaking in Jacksonville. Paddle around Amelia Island and throughout the St. Johns River on your self-guided or guided tour. Kayak Amelia is one of the more popular companies, as they offer a great amount of nature knowledge throughout the tour based on the scenery right front of kayakers. There are also stand-up paddle boards and stand-up paddle board yoga offered through instructors at Kayak Amelia.

Black Creek GuidesThis company is the oldest that the city hast to offer. You will not want to pass up a trip to Black Creek after moving to Jacksonville. Offering not only kayaking and paddle boarding classes, you can also become certified as an instructor through this company. Trips will take you through the Guana River, Pellicer Flats, Almacani Inlet, and many more amazing places!

If you are looking to rent a kayak and take a trip of your own, be sure to check out the Timucuan Trail and the Salt Marsh Trails to ensure that you achieve the best kayaking in Jacksonville possible!

Moving your car across the country may seem like a daunting task, and in some ways it is, but not if you do it right. The best option is to hire Jacksonville auto movers to take care of all the details and get your car to your new home safely. If you are moving to Jacksonville and you are still on the fence about using Jacksonville auto movers, we are here to show you how to save money when moving your car across the country.

Get The Tax Write Off

If you are moving to Jacksonville for work, then you can claim your move on your taxes as a working expense. Rather than running the miles up on your own car, save money on taxes and get your car there with less depreciation to boot!

Seasonal Moving

If you move in the fall and winter, you will actually be saving money on moving costs! This will free up your budget and allow you to spend the extra money to hire Jacksonville auto movers.

Ask for Multicar Discounts

During your move to Jacksonville, you are likely going to be negotiating with lots of different vendors for different reasons, so haggle with local Jacksonville auto movers too! Some places have multicar discounts and packages. It might be worth shipping all your cars while you fly.

Overall Expense

If you are moving your car across the country, as well as your spouse’s car, you are going to spend a lot of money. You will be spending money on gas for both vehicles, food and hotels. It may be cheaper in the grand scheme of things to just fly and have the cars transported to your final destination. Make sure you do your calculations before making the decision to drive.

Moving to Jacksonville in the fall is a smart idea. If you hire Jacksonville full service movers, everything will be taken care of for you, making your move that much more convenient. If you are deciding to take care of the move yourself, you will have a little more on your plate.

Remember: Winter is Coming

Florida has a reputation based on weather. The idea is that it’s all beaches, clear skies, and endless summer; this isn’t exactly true. When you move to Jacksonville, you are moving to Northern Florida. We do have a winter and the temperature can get quite low here in winter. So, be sure to pack accordingly and don’t go donating all your winter clothes before you move!

Find The Right Price

You are most likely going to save money when you move to Jacksonville in the fall. Believe it or not, local moving companies have a busy season and that is in the summer months. By moving after peak season, you will have more flexibility in your schedule and you can really save money. Because it will be cheaper, why not consider Jacksonville full service movers rather than packing and doing all of the heavy lifting yourself?

Season Begins

South Florida is a very seasonal place. Snowbirds come from the northern United States and spend the winters in South Florida. Although Jacksonville isn’t a seasonal city per se, we still experience a seasonal shift in the fall and winter. Take some time to get to know the roads and figure out all the shortcuts!