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The hard part is finally over – your local Jacksonville movers have successfully moved your possessions into your new home and now you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax. Have some fun while you are relaxing in your new home and start planning your housewarming party! Since moving isn’t cheap and the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville understand that your budget can be tight, they have compiled a list of tips for throwing a budget friendly housewarming party in your new Jacksonville home.

Guest List and Invitations

For a cost-friendly party, it goes without saying that less is more. While it may be tempting to invite the whole block in addition to all of your friends and family, try your best to set a reasonable limit on your head count, so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on food and entertainment.

When you are ready to send out invites, consider using a cost effective option like e-vite invitations. These free decorative e-vites can be sent through text, email, or even social media. For a more personal touch, try handcrafting your own invites. Don’t forget, you’ve also just recently unpacked your home using a lot of different packing materials including cardboard boxes. Your Jacksonville movers suggest that you put those materials to reuse by decorating the cardboard (for example, wrap the cardboard in solid wrapping paper you can purchase at a local dollar store, and glue your information onto the wrapping paper). The possibilities are endless!


Decorations for your housewarming party may seem like a necessity, but keep in mind that your guests are coming to see your home, which is half of the décor on its own. You don’t want to distract your guests with too many bright colored party decorations like streamers, welcome signs, and balloons. Two or three balloons on the mailbox to let your guests know which house is yours should suffice. If you want to go with a theme for your party, keep it simple and purchase themed cups, napkins, and paper plates. This way, any decorations you choose will match, and you can reuse leftover paper products for your next party or for lunches and dinner so that you don’t have to do dishes the first couple weeks after moving to Jacksonville.

The Menu

This will be the most costly. The first option you have is to go potluck and tell your guests to bring a shareable amount of their favorite foods and desserts. If you do this, Jacksonville movers want you to be sure to stock up on chafing pans and chafing fuel to keep everything hot. Stick to lots of small finger foods that you can replenish throughout the party, along with maybe one or two smaller entrées and a few simple desserts. You can also throw your party prior to dinner time, so your guests won’t necessarily expect a full meal. Here are a few ideas to stretch your budget when it comes to light appetizers: chips and salsa, pigs in a blanket, pasta and Rice Salads, or a platter of chicken wings.

Jacksonville is now home to three new seafood restaurants, all owned by the same franchise. The Julington Creek Fish Camp, the North Beach Fish Camp, and the Palm Valley Fish Camp are all centrally located. Jacksonville movers know that no matter where you move to in the area, you can find one of these fresh seafood destinations nearby. Savor some of North Florida’s spectacular cuisine and culture while experiencing beautiful panoramic views. The Jacksonville movers at All My Sons are overjoyed with the news of more fresh seafood restaurants in Jacksonville!

One regular reviewed, “WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We have always been regulars at all of the past business’s there, as we are right around the corner! …WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!”

Fish Camp expands a tradition of Southern Fare Cuisine with fresh ingredients of unmatched quality. Whether it’s a date night with friends or a significant other, or you just want to relax after a long day of moving to Jacksonville, this southern style seafood topped with R&R is sure to satisfy your needs.

The atmosphere at each Fish Camp location is like paradise. With banks along the creek being relaxing and airy, and breathtaking indoor décor, all three locations can make for the perfect date night hot spot or place to bring the family for a relaxing dinner.

Enjoy a new fresh seafood venue after you move to Jacksonville, and check out either the Julington Creek Fish Camp, the North Beach Fish Camp, or the Palm Valley Fish Camp.

Florida is known for its relaxing atmosphere and luxurious retirement homes. As more and more aging baby boomers move to Jacksonville to experience the lifestyle, the spark for investment in senior-living communities increases. The state reports that between 2010 and 2030, Florida’s population of those age 60 and older will account for most of the state’s growth, representing almost 58 percent of the gain.

Jacksonville is already home to many senior communities, and now two more are in design for the Mandarin and southwest Jacksonville area. Jacksonville-based Vestcor Communities will develop a $22 million community along San Jose Boulevard, while principal Senior Living Group of Alpharetta, Ga., plans to enter the Jacksonville market with the estimated $9.8 million Benton House at Oakleaf.

This is good news for Jacksonville movers who intend to move seniors into these communities. Since the retirement-and-over age group will comprise almost 25 percent of the population in 2030, up from 17 percent in 2010, local Jacksonville moving companies better get ready for a surge in senior relocations over the next 15 years.

As a new senior resident in Jacksonville, you will have no problem meeting new friends in the area. Whether you are relocating yourself or relocating a family member to Jacksonville, finding a senior community will not be a problem. Local Jacksonville movers at All My Sons will also help every step of the way on moving day, making your move stress free.

Whether you have a cancer survivor in your household or just want to show women in general some appreciation, October is a great month to show them how much you care. Jacksonville is gearing up this month for some great breast cancer awareness events that will be sure to bring a smile to the women you love. If you’re moving to Jacksonville and are looking for some great events, then check out these must-attend events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, supplied by local Jacksonville movers, All My Sons Moving & Storage.

  • On October 20, the Susan G. Komen North Florida Race for the Cure kicks off its annual event. Located in the Metropolitan Park, this popular race will go from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. It includes a 5k and 2k run or walk, and you can register at Komennorthflorida.org.
  • October 17 is Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. Come join women who are survivors and current cancer patients as they share their experiences. Plastic Surgeon Michael Fallucco will provide education for those who want to learn more on the topic of breast cancer.
  • The Breast Cancer Survivors Breakfast and Art Show will be on October 20, from 8:30 to 11 a.m., in the Balis Community Center. Join your local Jacksonville movers as they enjoy live music, dancing, songs, and poetry featuring local artists and entertainment. The event is only $20 and tickets can be purchased only in advance by contacting (904) 228-5672.

During the month of October, JC Penney Salons will be offering a free cut and style for breast cancer survivors. What better way than to celebrate life and a new move to Jacksonville than with a fresh haircut! Check out more awesome events in Jacksonville for breast cancer awareness month and we will see you there!

So it’s time for a change and you’ve decided that the luxurious beach lifestyle of Jacksonville is just the change you need. All My Sons Jacksonville knows that choosing the right home can be the tricky part, but decorating your new home shouldn’t have to be. This year’s trends are not all glitz and glamour. New home fads are geared to spare maintenance and energy use, and deliver information faster. Your local Jacksonville movers have prepared a list of the latest housing trends that you should consider after moving to Jacksonville.
• Smart Gadgets
From smart-home security cameras that use facial-recognition technology to alert you when your family members are home, to duel washer and dryers that are connected to WI-FI so you can wash your clothes from across town, these smart home gadgets are gaining much popularity in the housing trends. The vision of the future as illustrated by The Jetsons, is not far off.
• Open Spaces
Jacksonville moving companies have been noticing that open floor plans are increasingly becoming the new fad. After the kitchen became the home’s hub, the next step was to remove all walls for a greater sense of togetherness. The result is a beautiful open space, and by adding floor to ceiling windows, you can add more light to make the space look even bigger.
• Charging Stations
With our phones and tablets being like our lifeline this day in age, and electronic devices shrinking, large desks with charging devices are becoming more necessary. Home owners need a space for charging devices, and popular locations are the corner of a kitchen or the entrance of the garage. Jacksonville movers have been finding In some new home floor plans that a nook is set aside on a landing space that everyone passes daily.
• Free Standing Tubs
Popular during the Victorian-era, this old-style bathtub is making a comeback. These tubs complement other bathroom trends like open wall niches and single wash basins. The look of free standing tubs have become very classy and extremely beautiful.

Once your Jacksonville movers from All My Sons have settled you into your new home and have finished unpacking your belongings, use some simple decorating tips for incorporating these popular home trends into your new place.

There have been major misunderstandings on the road between cyclists and motorists in the Jacksonville area, all which could lead to dangerous situations. If you are moving to Jacksonville, then you will be happy to know that city officials are discussing changing the wording on traffic signs to make it easier for cars and bikes to safely interact, making the commute much safer for everyone.
According to Professor George Hess at North Carolina State University, the signs that say “Share the Road”, are confusing and are very common. “There seems to be a prevailing notion that bicyclists have to get out of the way, they’re not allowed to be in the lane. And that makes everybody feel unsafe,” he says. A study found that people were more likely to notice a cyclist if they saw the words “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” instead of “Share the Road”.
Jacksonville movers agree that departments of transportation should reconsider the use of the words “Share the Road” and find clearer alternatives. Commuting by bike is also the single biggest environmental initiative that most people could make, because clearly bikes do not produce greenhouse gas emissions and can reduce traffic. So, commuters who travel via bicycle should be a top priority when it comes to street signs that involve their safety.
A safer commute for your family is one of the many reasons why moving to Jacksonville has become so popular. The safety and health conditions of the people is at the upmost importance for Jacksonville officials, making Jacksonville communities and neighborhoods safer for cycling commuters who are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

Marie McClellan is owner and Chef to Jacksonville’s new restaurant The Impeccable Plate. Jacksonville movers are raving about this tasty and healthy alternative to fast food that offers fresh ingredients and colorful meals.
Originally from Haiti, McClellan had always eaten rice and beans and did not know about certain food groups. She explained that when she moved to the United States she had her fill of junk food. “I never had a donut before I moved here,” she said. McClellan said that she was gaining five pounds a year when she was first in the U.S. and she didn’t think it was a big deal until a friend asked “How will you like yourself in 10 years if you keep gaining five pounds a year?”
This prompted McClellan to make a life change. She began cooking her own healthy foods and food for others. She would serve on the River of Life meals ministry and hospitality team, and cook for the churches and any special guests. This was a huge opportunity for her to showcase her recipes, and when someone asked her, “why don’t you open up a restaurant”, a light switch clicked – and that light switch is one that Jacksonville moving companies are thrilled about.

McClellan added more and more meals to her recipe list and eventually opened The Impeccable Plate. She tries to incorporate fresh ingredients and herbs, with great spices that will have veggie-haters change their minds about healthy eating.
If you are looking for a great healthy meal after moving to Jacksonville, check out The Impeccable Plate and you might just find your local movers there, too!
Like McClellan says, “Life changes begin after you step out of your comfort zone.”

As gas prices continue on a downward spiral in Jacksonville, many gas stations are advertising $1.95 for gas and a lot of residents and moving companies are filling up their cars, trucks, and even gas cans. The average price for regular gas fell five cents to $2.07 earlier this month, according to AAA. That’s 24 cents lower than last month and has Jacksonville movers excited for the extra savings.
Many Jacksonville gas stations are well below the $2.07 amount and are listing their stations at lower prices. Gas Buddy.com stated that a vast amount of gas stations are charging $1.95, mainly the gas stations that are located on the Southside of Atlantic and Beach boulevards. The lower-priced stations on the Westside were $1.97 and $1.98 at Race Trac on University Boulevard, BJ’s on Philips Highway, and Safer Discount Beverage on Lem Turner Boulevard. Race Trac and Murphy Express on Beach Boulevard had gas prices at $1.99.
Although the majority of gas stations are featuring costs under $2, some stations near the airport continue to charge $2.29, so if you are moving to Jacksonville you should stray away from the airport in order to fill your tank.
According to AAA, prices are usually at their lowest in the fall and winter because fewer Americans are driving long distances and demand drops. Oil prices are still dropping, which is good news for those who are moving to Jacksonville, as the fuel charge from your Jacksonville movers should be much lower.
Jacksonville movers and those who hope to move to Jacksonville, hope to continue on this path but for now can breathe easy knowing that when they get to the pump, it won’t break the bank.


Zoos across the nation are howling and chirping about the recent news that TripAdvisor has released its list of the Top 25 Zoos in the United States. When it comes to moving, there is no better place to take your youngest children other than the local zoo. The local zoo is not only a place where they can view exotic animals, but they can learn and let their minds take a break from the fact that they are moving. In fact, after a long relocation to a new city or state, chances are that the entire family would enjoy a relaxing trip to the zoo. If you are moving to Jacksonville, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens made the top 25 list, making it one of the very best zoos in the United States!

TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice list is comprised of the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings from users who visit zoos in the nation and leave their evaluation of their experience based on their personal visit. Over the past year, TripAdvisor has been gathering reviews and ratings from users in order to create their 2015 list.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens also ranked at the third “top thing to do in Jacksonville,” and local Jacksonville movers would have to agree. With more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 species of plants, Jacksonville has one of the most diverse zoos. After you finish moving to Jacksonville, take a trip to the zoo Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends.

Ranking just below the zoo on TripAdvisor for things to do in the city is the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary.

A major climate change feat was taken on by President Obama the beginning of this month – resulting in cutting down carbon pollution from power plants across the United States. The passing of a set of environmental regulations that would force heavy changes on coal-reliant utility plants across the U.S. was both cheered and ridiculed. Of course, those cheering were environmentalists, and those doing the ridicule were those who are linked to the power industry.

Jacksonville moving companies were glad to hear that The Clean Power Plan will reduce carbon emissions by 32% and will hit the city of Jacksonville at JEA. JEA is the 8th largest community-owned electric utility plant and provider of water and sewer utilities in North Florida. JEA serves over 400,000 residents and will be facing pressure from the carbon-reduction goals, since the plant is heavily reliant on coal-fire power. Jacksonville movers hope that The Clean Power Plan will force the city to leave a smaller carbon footprint, drawing more residents in and allowing JEA to see the benefits from an increase in residents as well.

Despite the pressure, environmentally aware JEA is not lashing back. Their response was rather hopeful, “The (Clean Power Plan) is a complex rule, and as yet we do not know the full financial impact, the real challenge is to bring our community and state together to understand the rule so that we can attain a reasonable balance between the environmental benefits we all want and our ability to manage the cost impacts — as a utility, a community and as individual customers — in a reasonable and appropriate way.”

The JEA also mentioned that they have already started to review the plan, which is over 1,000 pages long, and that they will review, discuss, and interpret how the plan will impact the state of Florida. If you are moving to Jacksonville, you can expect to see a change in the cost of your utilities as JEA implements The Clean Power Plan.