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Looking for something fun and exciting to do in Jacksonville to get into the Halloween spirit? Jacksonville movers suggest that submerging yourself in new social settings is the key is start feeling comfortable in your new area. If you have just moved to Jacksonville in October, it is the perfect time to get involved in some holiday fun! Whether you are big into Halloween or not, Jacksonville movers have just the thing to get you into spirit this Halloween in Jacksonville!

On October 26, the Blackfinn Ameripub will be hosting Hallowine. This Hallowine event is a wine pairing event that will be pairing six different wines with your favorite Halloween candies! Aside from the wine and candy, you can indulge in Blackfinn’s amazing selection of craft beers and signature cocktails. This restaurant’s menu will not disappoint, while it is guaranteed to keep your stomach full, as well as your drink glasses!

Many local shopping vendors will be present for you to peruse while you enjoy your drinks at Hallowine. Live music from local bands will be keeping the event spirited, adding a great musical ambiance. Mingle around the event and take a good look at the pumpkins on display at the pumpkin carving contest. If you are feeling creative this Halloween in Jacksonville, you can even enter the contest for a chance to win a prize in a basket valued at over $300! Take the advice from your Jacksonville movers and get into spirit this Halloween in Jacksonville with Hallowine!

The Women’s Center of Jacksonville offers some of the best services and guidance for women struggling with different issues. Servicing over of 10,000 individuals a year, this association declares its dedication to improving the lives of women in every aspect. Founded over 20 years ago, The Women’s Center of Jacksonville thrives off of passion. Jacksonville movers suggest that there is no better time to get involved than during October, breast cancer awareness month.

Bosom Buddies is one of the newest programs offered at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. This program is dedicated to helping women whose lives have been effected by breast cancer. This program offers free, weekly support groups for anyone who has been effected by the disease. Women just diagnosed, in treatment, survivors, and family members are all welcome to join. Regular education programs are offered to help service the community and encourage others to get involved.

The art exhibit committee is designated to promote breast cancer awareness through the passion of art. With help from the community, many individuals may be made aware in a light-hearted and supportive way. These committees and many more at the Women’s Center are always open in accepting volunteers and supporters to help keep running strong!

A rape recovery committee is another strong part of the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, as is the GIRLS Circle. Standing for “Gaining Independence Respect and Learning Self Awareness, this program helps girls and young women view themselves with positivity respect. The GIRLS Circle uses optimistic messages to uplift young women.

Jacksonville movers suggest not to wait to get involved in this great association. Breast cancer awareness month is the perfect time to help others and understand the importance of being knowledgeable in regards to health and other diseases like breast cancer.

Moving to Jacksonville will come with some of the best outdoor activities and scenery around. This beautiful city has 22 miles of beaches, 40 miles of intercoastal waterways, and 1,100 miles of water to navigate. These factors make this city perfect for kayaking! With enough water trails to keep you busy, we have complied some of the best ways to take advantage of kayaking in Jacksonville.

If you desire a guided kayak tour, Jacksonville offers them! Among many kayaking and water sports companies, two stick out to be the most popular fan-favorites:

Kayak AmeliaAmelia Island is home to some of the best kayaking in Jacksonville. Paddle around Amelia Island and throughout the St. Johns River on your self-guided or guided tour. Kayak Amelia is one of the more popular companies, as they offer a great amount of nature knowledge throughout the tour based on the scenery right front of kayakers. There are also stand-up paddle boards and stand-up paddle board yoga offered through instructors at Kayak Amelia.

Black Creek GuidesThis company is the oldest that the city hast to offer. You will not want to pass up a trip to Black Creek after moving to Jacksonville. Offering not only kayaking and paddle boarding classes, you can also become certified as an instructor through this company. Trips will take you through the Guana River, Pellicer Flats, Almacani Inlet, and many more amazing places!

If you are looking to rent a kayak and take a trip of your own, be sure to check out the Timucuan Trail and the Salt Marsh Trails to ensure that you achieve the best kayaking in Jacksonville possible!

Moving your car across the country may seem like a daunting task, and in some ways it is, but not if you do it right. The best option is to hire Jacksonville auto movers to take care of all the details and get your car to your new home safely. If you are moving to Jacksonville and you are still on the fence about using Jacksonville auto movers, we are here to show you how to save money when moving your car across the country.

Get The Tax Write Off

If you are moving to Jacksonville for work, then you can claim your move on your taxes as a working expense. Rather than running the miles up on your own car, save money on taxes and get your car there with less depreciation to boot!

Seasonal Moving

If you move in the fall and winter, you will actually be saving money on moving costs! This will free up your budget and allow you to spend the extra money to hire Jacksonville auto movers.

Ask for Multicar Discounts

During your move to Jacksonville, you are likely going to be negotiating with lots of different vendors for different reasons, so haggle with local Jacksonville auto movers too! Some places have multicar discounts and packages. It might be worth shipping all your cars while you fly.

Overall Expense

If you are moving your car across the country, as well as your spouse’s car, you are going to spend a lot of money. You will be spending money on gas for both vehicles, food and hotels. It may be cheaper in the grand scheme of things to just fly and have the cars transported to your final destination. Make sure you do your calculations before making the decision to drive.

Moving to Jacksonville in the fall is a smart idea. If you hire Jacksonville full service movers, everything will be taken care of for you, making your move that much more convenient. If you are deciding to take care of the move yourself, you will have a little more on your plate.

Remember: Winter is Coming

Florida has a reputation based on weather. The idea is that it’s all beaches, clear skies, and endless summer; this isn’t exactly true. When you move to Jacksonville, you are moving to Northern Florida. We do have a winter and the temperature can get quite low here in winter. So, be sure to pack accordingly and don’t go donating all your winter clothes before you move!

Find The Right Price

You are most likely going to save money when you move to Jacksonville in the fall. Believe it or not, local moving companies have a busy season and that is in the summer months. By moving after peak season, you will have more flexibility in your schedule and you can really save money. Because it will be cheaper, why not consider Jacksonville full service movers rather than packing and doing all of the heavy lifting yourself?

Season Begins

South Florida is a very seasonal place. Snowbirds come from the northern United States and spend the winters in South Florida. Although Jacksonville isn’t a seasonal city per se, we still experience a seasonal shift in the fall and winter. Take some time to get to know the roads and figure out all the shortcuts!

Fall is a great time of year, and there are lots of things to do in Jacksonville this fall. Rather than focus on everything there is in town to do during fall, how about we take a look at some of the best pumpkin patches in the area. If you just moved to Jacksonville and you are looking for something to do with the kids, these pumpkin patches are just for you!

Mandarin United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch

Once the local Jacksonville movers have unpacked all your belongings and you are ready to explore the city, take a trip to the Southside and make your way to Mandarin United Methodist; they have the biggest pumpkin patch in all of Jacksonville and it is open the longest.

– 11270 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, 32223
– September 24 to October 31.

Isle of Faith Pumpkin Patch

The fact that there is so much to do is what makes the Isle of Faith one of the most popular pumpkin patches in Jacksonville (yep even your local Jacksonville movers go there with their kids). If you are looking for things to do in Jacksonville, this is the spot. There’s the traditional pumpkin patch shenanigans, but also a hay maze, Noah’s Ark, and plenty of places to take photos and make memories.

– 1821 San Pablo Rd. S. Jacksonville, FL, 32224
– September 30 to October 31.

Ortega United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch

Last, but not least on our pumpkin patch list of things to do in Jacksonville, is the Ortega United Methodist Church pumpkin patch. Lots of pumpkins and a great setup to take pictures with your kids. Your local movers recommend checking out this pumpkin patch in October!

– 4807 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, 32210
– October 1 to October 31.

It’s fall and that could mean only one thing, pumpkin flavored drinks! It also means it’s time to visit your Jacksonville storage unit and get all the clothes and miscellaneous items you left in their last spring. But don’t be fooled, unpacking your storage unit is as much of an art as packing it is.

Here are a few tips to unpack your storage unit tips from your local Jacksonville movers:

Take Your Time

Don’t go to your Jacksonville storage unit when you are in a hurry. If you are in a rush to get in and out, then you will probably leave quite a mess behind. You will put things out of order and you will probably damage boxes that will need to be replaced the next time you are unpacking your storage unit.

Keep Everything in Order

If you are unpacking your storage unit to get to your fall clothes or to look for a few books or items you may want for fall, then try to keep the rest of your items in order. If you have everything in order it will making packing your Jacksonville storage unit much easier.

Repack it Correctly

If it was not nicely organized, this is your chance to pack your storage unit correctly while the weather is more permitting. Get in there and make pathways, and label boxes that you need to open because their contents are unknown. Bring some music, some lunch and make a day out of it!

Visit All My Sons Moving & Storage in Jacksonville and pick out your storage unit today!

KB Homes, a real estate company, has been building more and more lately. After completion of the Jacksonville community Chandlers Crossing earlier this month, the real estate company has announced the completion of Vista Pointe, putting even more new homes for sale in Jacksonville. Local Jacksonville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage fully expect that they will be busy this upcoming month due to all of the families moving into the area.

Vista Pointe is a neighborhood consisting of beautiful suburban homes for sale in Jacksonville that range in price around $240,000 per house. Families moving to Jacksonville interested in this community will be happy to learn that the neighborhood is close to i295, and only 10 minutes away from North Florida University. The grand opening took place in mid-August and there are still a few homes for sale in Jacksonville available to the public.

Habijax, nonprofit construction company that primarily builds homes for the poor, was approved for an additional $840,000 in funds from the city council. They will start building even more homes in the city of Jacksonville. It is clear that the city of Jacksonville is starting to see a housing boom. The more we see homes for sale in Jacksonville, the more apparent it becomes that the housing industry in the city is growing in a big way.

If you are looking for a professional moving company with local Jacksonville movers, consider All My Sons Moving & Storage. All of the new homes for sale in Jacksonville means that our family is growing. Come join the fun!

All My Sons Moving & Storage can get you to Jacksonville quickly, but there won’t be any Google Fiber available in the area until next year, at the earliest. Once you’ve hear about Google Fiber, it will be everything you’ve ever wanted. Your local Jacksonville movers are hooked.

A downfall of Google Fiber is that it is not easily accessible everywhere. At this point it doesn’t look like Jacksonville neighborhoods with Google Fiber are coming anytime soon. Local Jacksonville movers have been waiting as long as everyone else, but the latest news has announced delays.

The internet giant may have bitten off more than it can chew. Google Fiber was first announced over five years ago. Since then, there just has not been a lot of progress. When this type of technology moves into a neighborhood, it takes time to dig up existing areas, backyards, and roads. Jacksonville neighborhoods with Google Fiber will likely have to go through the same process.

Currently, there are 15 cities in the United States that have Google Fiber. It is difficult for local Jacksonville movers to predict when the next neighborhood will get it. Moving to a new city does not guarantee access to Google Fiber; however, many people do move to new homes because of the surrounding amenities. In this case, moving to Jacksonville just won’t have the amenity that Google Fiber provides that everyone is waiting for.

Jacksonville neighborhoods with Google Fiber is not a science fiction story. The city was scheduled to be one of the next to receive the service. So although plans may be stifled, there is still a great chance of Google Fiber coming to Jacksonville soon.

Have you just moved to Jacksonville? Your Jacksonville movers would like to welcome you to the neighborhood! You couldn’t have picked a better week because the Jacksonville Spirit of the Mountain Festival is coming up. The festival is a great place to meet your new neighbors and get acquainted with your new area. The Jacksonville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have been attending this festival since it began 11 years ago and it is one of our favorites.

The festival will have plenty of food and there will be great entertainment. Best of all, there will be fun! The Spirit of the Mountain Festival is organized by the city of Jacksonville and The Jacksonville State University as a means to raise money for the city’s most needy families.

What can you do at the Spirit of the Mountain Festival? If you used the auto movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, then perhaps you could check out the car show sponsored by Cooper Chevrolet. Enjoy the beautiful cars while you wait for yours to arrive home. If food is more of your interest, there will be 30 Jacksonville restaurants hosting a fantastic food tasting for you to get your grub on!

The Spirit of the Mountain Festival is all about community, and over here in Jacksonville, we value community more than anything. Thank your Jacksonville movers for getting you here safely, and then get out there and go explore your new home!