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Instead of spending your time packing, loading, and moving tons of boxes, call All My Sons Moving & Storage for packing services in Jacksonville this summer. We’ve got you covered, so you can use your free time designing your home as the perfect summer relaxation spot. Are you looking for creative exterior lighting concepts? We’ve got a DIY suggestion to lighten up your backyard.

This fun, little DIY project is great afternoon project for the family! This is a project that the kids will love and it is so easy. All you need is: empty mason jars, scissors, Mod Podge, sponge brushes, book pages, sheet music or newspaper and tea lights!

Use your scissors and cut your pages or newspaper into small pieces. To give your jars a nice textured effect, cut them into different shapes and sizes. Next, dip your sponge brushes into the Mod Podge and coat the back of one of the pieces of paper. Place the strip of paper on the jar and continue until you cover the jar. Try to overlap and layer the pieces, if you want. It is up to you to decide how you want to decorate your jars! You can make them all different, or keep a consistent theme. Once you are done putting the paper on the jar, coat the whole with more Mod Podge to creative a protective seal. Let the jars dry and then do one more layer of Mod Podge and then your jars are good to go!

Once the jars have dried, illuminate each one with a tea light that will create a rustic and relaxed look for family and friends to enjoy.

The time has come to pack up your belongings and move to a new location, and you’re finally realizing just how much stuff you have. Are you torn between hiring someone to handle the job for you? Why not use professional packers in Jacksonville at All My Sons Moving & Storage? Our partial or full service packing options can ease the pain of a move, saving you stress, time, and money.


Packing can be overwhelming and extremely stressful, and not even just emotionally- physically too. Without the proper moving equipment, you or a family member could get injured. Hiring professional packers in Jacksonville will allow you to spend time with your family, at work or on other important moving duties without having to lift a box.

Saves You Time

If you are working around the clock and are extremely busy, packing can take you weeks or even months to complete. Packing is tedious and requires a lot of time to ensure that everything is packed securely. The Jacksonville movers offer packing services that are extremely efficient and will get the job done before you even know it.


The professional packers are just that- professional. They know how to handle all of your household items with care and have been trained in proper techniques to make sure everything gets transported safely and without damage. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings if you leave it up to Jacksonville movers.

Contact us today for a free moving quote, and lets get started on your move.

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend? Attend the Jacksonville Jazz Festival!

Instead of spending your holiday weekend packing, why not let the Jacksonville movers do that for you? All My Sons Moving & Storage of Jacksonville offers packing services to meet your needs, so that you can go out and enjoy yourself during your moving process. The Jacksonville Jazz Festival is the perfect place to enjoy yourself and spend time with your friends and family.

Downtown Jacksonville is flooded with the sounds of jazz greats and modern favorites. The City of Jacksonville hosts one of the largest jazz festivals in the country. Aside from the three stages of live jazz, there is local food, drinks shopping and entertainment. Each year the Jazz Fest keeps getting bigger. The festival now spans 15 blocks of downtown.

The history of this festival dates back to 1980, founded by Mayor Jake Godbold. Mayor Godbold wanted to reintroduce the world to the “Bold New City of the South.” Producers of this festival were amazed when nearly 25,000 guests attended the festival.

The headliners for this event include: The Commodores, Kamasi Washington, Gregory Porter, Lalah Hathaway and The Rippingtons.

You are not going to want to miss this traditional Jacksonville event!

Don’t let a move ruin your plans for Memorial Day weekend. Let All My Sons Moving & Storage offer you our Jacksonville packing services that will handle the tough part for you, so you can enjoy your time in Jacksonville. Call us today for a free moving quote.

If you are moving to or from Jacksonville, let Jacksonville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage help you pack. We offer full-service packing options, and will pack your belongings with the most secure packing products on the market. You will be assured your items are in good condition while you spend quality time with your family and explore your new city.

We’ve got good news for the biking enthusiasts in Jacksonville. Whether you want to go mountain biking, ride on unpaved nature trails, along the beach or go on a guided eco-tour, Jacksonville has you covered.

Bet you didn’t think you’d find mountain biking in Florida, right? Jacksonville has amazing mountain biking trails at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. There are a wide range of trails for the beginner to veteran riders.

If you find yourself near Ponte Vedra Beach, the Guana Tolomato Mataznas National Estuarine Research Reserve offers 10 miles of winding nature trails. You may come across some crabs, tortoises and storks along your ride too! The forests and marshes provide for unbelievable scenery. Our Jacksonville movers know you won’t be disappointed.

There is also a family-friendly paved bike path along the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail-Trail. It’s a 14 mile trail the whole family can enjoy. You will ride through woodlands and wetlands and are definitely likely to spot a few local inhabitants such as: rabbits, hawks, wild turkeys and deer.

Kayak Amelia at Long Island Outfitters offers a guided eco-tour. On this tour you will explore the rolling trails on paths covered by giant old oak trees.

Enjoy exploring your new city while we handle the hard part! Call us today for a free moving quote.

After moving to Jacksonville, Florida, there is no question that you are going to love the summer weather, since it is year-round. In order to take a break from unpacking moving boxes, get out of the house and take your family or friends to one of these free activities in Jacksonville this summer.
Read in a Hammock

Okay, you’ll need a hammock for this one. If you don’t have one, simply grab a sturdier blanket, tie it around two trees and enjoy the great outdoors for a bit. Make sure to read a book for that extra entertainment factor.

Visit the Museum during a free Museum Day

Perhaps the best, free activity to do in Jacksonville this summer is visit one of the many museums. A lot of museums in Jacksonville open their doors for free during the summer, typically on particular days of the week. Take advantage of that and indulge in a free museum day if possible.

Play Sports with Friends

After moving to Jacksonville, playing sports outside is going to be a regular hobby. Sports are completely free, so get outside, grab your friends or family, hit the beach and play some volleyball or beach football. Or, take the game to a local park!
Camp in Your backyard 

This might seem extremely silly, but it’s more fun than you think. Pack some camping supplies, as if you would on a real camping trip, pitch a tent, and camp in your backyard.

Having an outdoor fountain creates an amazing fairy-tale like atmosphere in any home. However, if not properly maintained, an outdoor fountain can turn into a dreadful swamp right in the middle of your front lawn. In order to help make your new happy always look new and inviting, All My Sons’ local Jacksonville movers share tips for maintaining your outdoor fountain.

Keep the Water Level in Your Outdoor Fountain High

Make sure that you always keep the water level in your outdoor fountain high, especially in the summertime. This will help keep the concrete cool enough so that it doesn’t crack as easily from overheating.

Make sure to Drain your Fountain in Harsh Weather

During the winter, make sure that you drain and cover your fountain to protect it from harsh weather. A simple tarp can prevent a lot of damages from your fountain. Also, make sure that it is properly draining, as frozen water can ultimately cause the concrete to crack.

Clean your Fountain Regularly

Make sure that you clean your outdoor fountain regularly. Whenever you see leaves and debris, simply make the effort to clean them up. This will help you prevent any pump clogging that might occur.

Protect your Fountain from Hard Water

Depending on where you live, part of maintaining your outdoor fountain will include making sure that it is protected from hard water deposits. To do so, if you notice any algae developed, make sure to drain the fountain and scrub it with a brush. Then rinse the fountain thoroughly. If this doesn’t help, use professional algae reducer solutions.

Are you moving houses and you don’t want to leave your basketball hoop behind? Don’t worry! Even if the task of relocating your basketball hoop may seem impossible, it is far easier than you think. To help you out, the professional movers and packers at All My Sons Jacksonville have a guide for relocating your basketball equipment and using packing services from a local moving company.
1. Check the Anchoring

The first step to moving your basketball equipment is checking how your hoop is anchored. While some hoops are held to the ground with just a few rocks, others are cemented deep into the ground. In case your hoop is cemented, take a shovel and dig around the anchoring. If after about an hour of digging hasn’t made the hoop budge even a little, this means that you’ll certainly have to hire a track loader to help you dig down very deep. Once the anchoring is dug up, make sure to carefully remove the pole of your hoop without breaking it. All My Sons warns that this process should be handled by professionals. If you do not know how to dig up a cemented basketball hoop, our professional movers and packers in Jacksonville can handle it for you.

2. Disassemble your Hoop

Make sure that if you hire packing services in Jacksonville for your move, they disassemble your basketball hoop. If you don’t mind doing it yourself, simply grab a wrench and start breaking your hoop down piece by piece. Start by removing the backboard and the rim. After that, make sure that you properly disassemble the adjustment mechanism and the extension arm of the pole. Finally, remove the base of your hoop.

3. Relocate

Once this is done, you are ready to move your basketball hoop to your new home. Jacksonville movers and packers can load it up on a moving truck with all your other basketball equipment and move it with ease. Make sure to assemble the hoop in a backward fashion and you’ll be ready to shoot some hoops at your new home.

Having a BBQ grill is an essential backyard attraction and the pride of every American homeowner. However, if you are moving to a new home, you have to be careful with its transportation. Whether you are looking for some great packing products in Jacksonville to help you out, or just need some tips for moving your BBQ grill, at All My Sons, we are here for you. Here’s what you need to do in order to safely transport your BBQ grill to your new home.
1. Prepare the Grill

It should be obvious that you shouldn’t start preparing your grill right after use. Instead, make sure that your grill hasn’t been used for a few days and that it has been thoroughly cleaned. While everything depends on the type of grill you have, there are a few things you should note when preparing it for packing. First, remove the gas tank or any charcoal briquettes from the grill. Then, make sure that all the removable parts or utensils are also removed from the BBQ grill. Finally, to prepare your BBQ grill, you should use some packing products, such as stretch and bubble wrap to wrap the grill and protect it from any scratches while moving it.

2. Moving your BBQ Grill

Depending on the type of grill, whether it has wheels or not, or if it is a handheld cart grill or a kettle grill, the difficulty of moving may vary. Nevertheless, once your grill is prepared, it should be fairly easy moving your BBQ grill to your new home.


Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Jacksonville, making it prime season for moving. Mild temperatures and beautiful flora make for optimal moving conditions. However, spring is also one of the busiest times for relocating. If you’re planning a move this year, be sure you contact your Jacksonville movers early to ensure the best move date for your schedule. During the prime moving rush, timing is everything. The following tips can help you keep the moving process on task, getting you to your new home quickly and more easily.


Clearing Out the Clutter


Springtime is often associated with cleaning. Moving also presents the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of some extra clutter in your home. Before packing, go through your belongings to find items you do use or want anymore. Consider donating or setting up a yard sale to clear out these extra possessions. This will leave you with fewer materials to pack, as well as more room in your home for new things.


Preparing for Moving Day


Before moving to Jacksonville, you’ll want to create a task list to ensure you don’t forget anything. You’ll want to start by hiring your Jacksonville movers about eight weeks ahead of time during the busy season. Leaving yourself an ample window allows you to tackle other tasks without stress. Here are just a few things you may need to address before moving:


  • Personal travel arrangements
  • Address forwarding and vehicle registration
  • Box labeling and sorting
  • Parking for movers
  • Local errands


With the right preparation, moving day can go incredibly smoothly. The more tasks you complete ahead of time, the fewer things you have to do while moving, eliminating a great deal of stress.


If you’re planning to move this spring, don’t wait to contact All My Sons of Jacksonville at 904-642-6900. Spots are filling up quickly during the peak springtime season. Get the professional help you need to make moving day a breeze.

Moving to Jacksonville can be exciting for someone not used to the gorgeous weather and addictive Florida sunshine. For the locals here, the scenery and unique attractions are so engrained in the city’s identity that sometimes the locals take a few places for granted. If you’re planning a big move and need some advice from your Jacksonville movers, we can help. At All My Sons of Jacksonville, we think everyone should visit these awesome five attractions that even the locals sometimes forget about.


Southbank Riverwalk


The first spot that a newbie should visit is the Southbank Riverwalk. Locals may sometimes forget that this famous downtown landmark is also an attraction. You can stroll along the river, check out the sights and dine in style here.


Jacksonville Beaches


Long-time Florida residents are all used to the stunning beaches along their coast. Jacksonville is home to many beautiful beaches that line the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can catch some waves or splash around in the surf.


World-Class Golf Courses


Golf is another big attraction in this area, and because there are so many courses, some locals don’t make a big deal about them. Try visiting Amelia Island Plantation Resort or Bent Creek Country Club to play a round or two.


Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


Another great spot that the locals love along with the region’s visitors is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The residents of Jacksonville don’t realize what a gem their zoological park is in this area.


EverBank Field


You can also see where the Jacksonville Jaguars, the city’s professional football team, plays during the season at EverBank Field. Feel like a local fan by joining in on the gridiron cheering in the stands of this incredible stadium.


When you are in the process of moving to a great place like Jacksonville, you can make it feel more like home if you learn about the hottest places. Let us help you settle into your new home by contacting one of our customer service representatives for assistance.