Circus Xtreme in Jacksonville

Elephants, acrobats, clowns and jugglers can only mean one thing: the circus! This month, Jacksonville featured Circus Xtreme, the newest show from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The show was held at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, January 15th through the 18th, and children and parents alike were in awe of all the performers and animals.

The show was more daring and well, “extreme,” than a traditional circus, as it was influenced by the X games and freestyle sports. There were BMX riders, human cannon balls, contortionists, and all kinds of animals; like: elephants, camels, tigers, horses, and dogs.

Gemma Querida, or “Gemma the Jet,” performed as the show’s human cannonball and was one of the event’s highlights. Audiences gasped as the 25-year-old launched out of a cannon and shot 44 feet into the air, where she landed safely on an airbag (phew!).

Circus Xtreme is touted as great for children of all ages and it includes some child-friendly activities where kids are encouraged to participate. Performers invited children on stage for acts like the Xtreme Jump and a more traditional game of tug-of-war. If guests showed up early, they were allowed to meet some of the circus’ clowns and acrobats and even try on costumes!

Circus Xtreme was a great show to bring your children to if you recently moved to the Jacksonville area. But if you missed it, don’t worry! The circus comes to town each year, and the theme changes annually. Your Jacksonville moving company will be there!

The Jacksonville Boat Show

As a coastal city, Jacksonville has a love affair with boats. Whether it is for fishing, crabbing, or cruising, folks love to spend their days on the water. That is why your Jacksonville moving company is so excited about the upcoming Jacksonville Boat Show. The event will be held at Prime Osborn Convention Center Friday the 23rd, through Sunday the 25th.

The Jacksonville Boat Show is in its 68th year and has become an event that locals always look forward to. It is a great way to spend the weekend with your family and explore the 75 exhibits and hundreds of boat displays. You can check out fishing boats, skiing boats and cruisers, or grab a bite to eat at one of nine food trucks. There will also be fishing clinics for women and children, and a special boat care seminar hosted by Don Racine.

Boat sales are on the rise, largely due to a decline in gas prices. Many show attendees will be looking to purchase a boat, but they will have a chance to win some free prizes too. There will be a seven-day trip to Cosa Rica, sponsored by Nosara Paradise Rentals (score!). Jacksonville Marine Association and All Wet Sports will partner together to give away a stand up paddleboard and free lesson. There will also be daily giveaways, including floatation devices and sunglasses to keep your kids safe and stylish.

If you are new to the area, be sure to check out the Jacksonville Boat Show with your family. It will be a great way to meet your neighbors, entertain your children, and get outdoors on the beautiful coast of your new town!

Jacksonville Jaguars Seek Out a New Offensive Coordinator

After letting go of their offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the hunt for a new man to do the job. After finishing 31st out of 32 teams in total offense in both of the last two seasons, the Jaguars are looking for someone to strengthen their offense. Your Jacksonville moving company hopes that they choose the right offensive coordinator, because we love to see our Jaguars win!

After a slew of rookies started, including Blake Bortles, the Jaguars had high hopes for the season. It turned out to be a rough one, but that’s okay, because our Jaguars will bounce back! According to recent reports, it looks like the team is particularly interested in Adam Gase, the current offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. He recently interviewed with the Broncos for the Head Coaching positon, but it does not look like Gase is moving forward with that opportunity. The Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams are also interested in Gase for their offensive coordinator positions, so it looks like we have some competition!

Other potential candidates include the current Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson, and former Buffalo Bills assistant Nathaniel Hackett. Gus Bradley, the Jaguars head coach, will make the final decision for the team.

If you are new to the Jacksonville area, you will quickly find out how much the folks in town love football. Your Jacksonville movers encourage you to host a game-day party at your new home or get tickets to an upcoming game to get in the Jacksonville Jaguar football spirit!

Jacksonville Hosts the Florida Cup

Soccer is a growing phenomenon in Jacksonville. Adults and children alike are joining soccer teams and leagues in record numbers during the last few years. Jacksonville is even earning international attention, as it hosted part of the 2015 Florida Cup soccer matches. Your Jacksonville moving company loves a good game of soccer, and this event really drew some attention to our city as a soccer destination. The Florida Cup kicked off in Orlando but finished in Jacksonville, where four international football clubs competed, including two Brazilian teams and two German teams. Thousands attended the match at Jacksonville’s Everbank Field, and the event was televised worldwide. The games reached more than 200 million households in more than 100 countries. Brazil’s Corinthians won the first match 2-1 against the German Bayer Leverkusen. Germany’s FC Koln won the second game 3-2 against the Brazilian Fluminese team. Everbank Field is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The stadium was renovated last year, and it now boasts the world’s largest scoreboards, along with new cabanas and swimming pools. The first-rate renovations make it the perfect place to host international events like the Florida Cup. The event is a great way to draw international attention to Jacksonville and make it a viable city for future business. If you have recently moved to the Jacksonville area, soccer is a great way for your family to get acclimated in the community. You can sign your children up for a local youth team or take them to an upcoming event like the Florida Cup. Soccer is a great way to meet new people and get outside in the beautiful city of Jacksonville.

School Board Member brings Recess back to Kitty Stone Elementary

Jacksonville Board of Education member and Desert Storm veteran Steve Smith, has finally helped bring recess back to Kitty Stone Elementary School.

Celebrating being elected to serve a second term, Smith said that the reason why he ran for the position in the first place, was recess and the fact that it has become non-existent at Kitty Stone Elementary.

Smith argued that kids need recess so that they can relieve stress, socialize, and fight obesity by getting physical activity in on a playground with their friends, instead of strict physical education classes.

“I learned that the physical educational professional associations agreed that kids need recess,” he said. “Taking it away never improved any school system’s test scores. I just wanted to see if we could get it back.”

Since Smith’s initiatives, Kitty Stone students are now allowed recess about four days a week, on top of the state required physical education. But Smith does not plan on stopping there, he wants to address the Wellness Committee to see if recess can be added to students’ daily schedules.

Another issue that Smith felt was important was breakfast for students. While serving his very first term on the Board of Education in Jacksonville, Smith has been able to make it so that over 500 students receive daily breakfast between Kitty Stone and Jacksonville High School.

If you and your family are moving to Jacksonville and you would like to make sure that you are enrolling your student at a school that implements daily recess and breakfast, be sure to check out Kitty Stone Elementary or Jacksonville High School, and let All My Sons Moving & Storage help to make your move easy and stress-free, so that you can focus on getting your kids enrolled at one of the many great Jacksonville schools.

Jacksonville Merchants Participate in Holiday Door-Decorating Contest

Since 2006, local Jacksonville businesses and the Jacksonville Art Council have partnered together in a holiday door-decorating contest, in hopes to enhance the holiday spirit in the city and the city’s appeal.

Businesses who wish to participate in the holiday door-decorating contest can hang holiday posters and decorations in their windows and on their door. They will then be judged for first, second, and third place prizes based on their effort and creativity.

Emily Lipscomb, president of the Jacksonville Arts Council, invites, “all citizens and visitors to take a riding or walking tour to enjoy the special effort of these merchants to beautify our city for the holidays.”

24 merchants participated in 2013’s contest and the Arts Council hopes that many more local businesses will join in for 2014 and the years ahead.

Lipscomb says that they always welcome new members and are thrilled when new businesses contact them to enter in on the holiday fun; so if you will be relocating your business to Jacksonville, your local moving company can help you move your office so that you can enter your business into this year’s holiday door-decorating contest.

The Last JSU in Lights

In 2000, Jacksonville State University president Dr. Bill Meehan celebrated his first year as university president. In honor of being campus president, Meehan and his wife Beth hosted the first JSU in Lights at their home on campus.

Meehan’s wife explains that, “we wanted to do it as a gift to the university. We wanted to be able to say thank you to the faculty, staff, students, and community for everything they do for JSU.”

The 2014 JSU in Lights was last Monday from 4-5:30 p.m. and was hosted by the president, his wife, and their 15-year-old daughter Carol Grace.

Although the event takes place at the president’s campus home and was started by his wife Beth, the president and his wife allowed for JSU in Lights to become a student-led event. Every year, JSU students would ask that attendees bring a toy for children ages 5 to 10 years old, to donate to the Jacksonville Outreach Center.

2014 marked the last year for JSU in Lights, since Meehan will be retiring next year, but the event has become a major community and campus event that the Meehan’s and JSU students hope carries on to the next university president.

If you are moving to Jacksonville to attend JSU next year, you may not be able to be a part of JSU in Lights, but there will be plenty of opportunities to join the university and community initiatives to give back and ring in the holiday season.

If you will be moving to the JSU campus, All My Sons Moving & Storage can help make your move easy and stress-free, so that you can embark on your academic adventure at JSU.

Jacksonville’s Community Center Offers Class on How to Stay Safe during the Holidays

The holidays bring added danger to being robbed or being unwelcomely approached, and former criminal investigator Jim Evancho is spreading his knowledge on how to keep you and your family safe, so that you can enjoy the holiday season.

Evancho uses his expertise in order to inform people about predatory criminal behavior and how to respond to it, so that you do not become a victim.

Earlier this year, Evancho moved his Specialized Protection Services Training Academy from Atlanta to Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Community Center has requested him to present a holiday safety course from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on December 4th. The class is free, but those who wish to attend will need to call the community center and make a reservation.

The class will give tips on how to keep you and your family safe while at home, traveling, or shopping during the holiday season. Evancho will teach the patterns that criminals often follow, so that the public can be aware and keep an eye out for criminal behavior.

Jacksonville Community Center director Janis Burns wants Jacksonville families to stay safe during the holidays and encourages everyone to attend Evancho’s class.

If you have recently moved to Jacksonville, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Jacksonville can help make sure that your move goes safely, so that you can focus on your family and not your move during the holiday season.

2014 Jacksonville Light Boat Parade

This year, Jacksonville, Florida hosted its 30th annual Christmas parade.

Every year, hundreds of Jacksonville residents gather along the banks of the St. Johns River for Community First of Jacksonville’s Light Boat Parade.

One of the perks that snowbirds enjoy once they move to Florida is not having to deal with the snow. To take the place of snow on Christmas, Floridians host Christmas boat parades on the water. These Christmas boat parades can be found throughout the entire state of Florida and typically even end with fireworks.

Boat parade spectator Joseph Dennison, says that the Community First Jacksonville Light Boat Parade is, “It’s fantastic, I’ve been coming down here for the last six years, I love Jacksonville, love the Landing, love Christmastime.”

From canoes and kayaks, to sailboats and houseboats, the 2014 Light Boat Parade featured over 70 boats and all of them got to participate in the light boat contest.

If you are moving to Jacksonville before next year’s event and you own a boat, consider entering into the community’s traditional event. If you do not own a boat, make sure that you and your family get lounge chairs and pack a picnic dinner, so that you can enjoy the show and enjoy a Floridian Christmas tradition.

Following Black Friday is Small Business Saturday

If you are moving to Jacksonville before Thanksgiving, there is a new tradition that is creating a spark within the city and getting residents pumped up about their community.

One of the biggest days of the year that is becoming a tradition, two days after Thanksgiving, is Small Business Saturday.

Jacksonville’s Small Business Saturday is a day where residents can shop the local stores and vendors and help support the community’s small businesses.

One of the biggest places for people to shop locally is the Riverside Arts Market, where numerous vendors set up shop on Saturday morning and showcase their products, crafts, services, and food.

Those who frequent Small Business Saturday say that they love knowing that they are helping the community, and that they are friends with some of the vendors and like knowing that they are also helping a friend.

Small Business Saturday allows the city’s small businesses the chance to compete with major retailers from Black Friday. However, they offer more personal products for Jacksonville locals; local, homegrown, homemade products, and more.

“Your small business owner lives here. He pays his taxes here. His children go to school here. All of those important things that help a city become an actual community come together,” said Roger Russell, a small business owner.